Call center outsourcing services – Outsourcing is the business practice of either contracting, or sub-contracting third party firms to take up the tasks, roles, or responsibilities of an organization in order to among others, free up cash or space, reduce redundancies, save on time, and negate the need to invest more money in order to have those functions performed in-house.

Inasmuch as the practice confers plenty of benefits to organizations that embrace it, it is not without its fair share of downsides. These include: the loss of managerial controls by the parent organization, the possibility of accruing hidden costs, compromised security due to the loss of confidentiality, poor quality services, negative publicity, and predisposition to negative externalities i.e. those factors that are beyond the control of the organization but which nevertheless have a bearing on its productivity, among others.

The purpose and intent of the proceeding discussions entitled; “top 5 ways to minimize the risk of outsourcing” is to explore some of the most effective means and ways through which organizations may mitigate those downsides/potential dangers outlined above.

Conduct Thorough Background of the Company before Purchasing an Outsourcing Plan

This is perhaps the most significant of all the possible intervention mechanisms. Before purchasing an outsourcing plan, it is necessary that the parent company conduct thorough due diligence and vet all the possible companies before settling on one. Information regarding the suitability of companies for the job may be ascertained by way of testimonials or referrals from previous clients. In case the business relies heavily on trade secrets, then “Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)” are very important to forestall the disclosure of any such secrets to third parties/competitors.

Improve Communications with the Third Party Company

Given the fact that outsourcing companies are usually located far away from a parent company, and often operate independently from the parent company, the possibility that the final product/outcome is inconsistent with the organizational needs is often very high. To avoid such mishaps, it is necessary that communications between the parent and the third party company be strong and robust through the entire duration of the contract.

Create a Budget and Stick to it

A budget is a plan of expenditure. As has already been stated earlier, one of the dangers of outsourcing is the risk of incurring hidden costs. Creating and abiding by a budget is a sure way of controlling runaway expenditure and avoiding such risks.

Develop a Comprehensive Roadmap and Abide by it

Outsourcing services are usually geared towards aiding parent companies achieve a specific long-term goal. To do this more effectively, roadmaps which are basically plans or strategies that are to be used to achieve those intended goals are often necessary to guide the companies in this regard, should be created and abided by faithfully. This could be done by breaking the entire project into phases and tying each phase to a payment schedule. Such a move ensures that any risks that may naturally arise out of outsourcing are mitigated as much as possible.

Familiarization with the Existing laws Governing Outsourcing

Each and every jurisdiction world over has its own set of rules and regulations that govern the entire process of outsourcing. These rules and regulations do not exist for the sake of it. They are put in place with the best interest of all the various stakeholders at heart and are designed to protect all such persons from any would-be misfortunes. It is necessary for companies to familiarize themselves with such laws first and foremost and see to it that they are upheld in any contract or agreement signed thereafter.

Call for Action

It is worth noting that the aforementioned “top 5 ways to minimize the risk of outsourcing” are by no means exhaustive owing to the intricate nature of the field of outsourcing as a whole as well as the unique nature of each business venture. It is therefore incumbent upon each prospective client to conduct thorough due diligence first before purchasing an outsourcing plan.

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