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A large number of the media players that advertise free music and free video actually have very little free music or free video content available. They will either limit you on the amount of downloads you can have or they have a limited selection of material. Generally it is a waste of time to download these items because they are usually a huge disappointment.

The only thing that you can really say is huge about OlaTunes is the number of movies they have available for their users to view. Actually that is not the truth. You can also say they have a huge selection of MP3 Download available as well. One more thing, they have a huge number of reviews from users that rate them with four out of five stars.

A lot of people want to be able to hear the latest music available. They may concentrate on one particular genre, and then again they may have broad interests and play a wide variety. OlaTunes offers you all of the latest songs download along with the ability to create playlists of their favorites. After creating a playlist then the person can play the songs they have selected anytime they wish just like they were plugging in a favorite compact disc.

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Some people do not really want to have access to all of the newest music as much as they want to have access to soundtracks they already know and love. Finding all of your old favorites in the massive amount of MP3s that are archived with OlaTunes is easy. You can even make playlists of your old favorites and maybe mix them with some of the new favorites you develop. This is your media player and your opportunity to entertain yourself with the sounds and images that you love.

Free music download and free video downloads segments are available from many places on the internet. MP3 songs free download and free video that is unlimited and virus free is not found in a large number of places on the internet. OlaTunes also offers to you an access to download your favorite music that will provide you with endless hours of entertainment choices, they offer this ability to you without any viruses and adware.

As a matter of fact, they offer their media player with no annoying ads attached. You do not have to watch a five second ad before the next video will play, and you will not see annoying pop-ups trying to sell you some product. You will simply have free music and free video segments to view and hear at your leisure.